Zoe discovers Paddy and Chris deep in conversation and immediately misinterprets their unease as proof of a conspiracy. Ashley has a desperate heart to heart with her and begs her to seek help. He quickly senses her fear, however, and realises that desperate measures are called for. He calls her bluff and reassures her that she can discharge herself from the clinic at any time. Paddy is relieved when Zoe agrees but Ashley confesses that he feels he has betrayed Zoe's trust in him by persuading her to book into the clinic under false pretences. Seth is flooded with complaints as Betty-Cam withdrawal sets in! As flowers from a fan arrive, Betty is blissfully unaware of her popularity and assumes they are from Seth. Torn, as Betty cooks him a slap up meal to say thank you for the flowers, Seth keeps quiet and, convinced that public opinion can't be wrong, sneaks over to the computer to turn Betty-Cam back on!


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