Seth is chuffed when he receives free grub from Viv as the voyeuristic crowds gather in Café Hope to watch Betty cleaning on the Betty-Cam. Unnerved by a strange feeling of being watched, Betty is confused by passing comments in the village. Edna soon deduces that the webcam is once again live and decides enough is enough! Betty is mortified to discover the truth and wonders whether she can ever face the village again! In the clinic, Zoe vacantly stares at the television with the volume on full blast as she aimlessly flicks through the channels. Aware that the drugs she has been prescribed may have sedated her, Chris and Charity are still disturbed to see Zoe's numbed state. Seizing the chance to make a killing and desperate to relive her youth, Viv has organised a photo-shoot to cash-in on her reluctant daughter! Dreaming of the Milan catwalks, Viv is positively beaming as she proudly announces that her daughter will be the “next big-thing”.


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  • A psychiatric nurse who gives Zoe her medication is uncredited despite a line of dialogue.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 9,240,000 viewers (12th place).
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