Degraded by her small-screen experience at the hands of SethBetty is out for revenge! As Seth idles away the hours in Café Hope working through fan mail, he is oblivious to the unusual favour that Betty is asking of Len. In full view of the webcam, Betty puts her plan into action and declares her secret lust for Len before kissing him passionately! At Café Hope, the kids erupt in riotous laughter as they witness the uncharacteristic display of affection. Seth is less amused by what he has witnessed! Realising he's been rumbled, Seth finds he is not the only one making a quick exit and finds Betty in the street with her bags packed! Meanwhile, Zoe’s paranoia is building and she warns Ashley that Paddy is in on a conspiracy to poison her. Ashley hides his alarm, but it is clear that Zoe’s state of mind is rapidly spiralling out of control. Oblivious to their true intentions, Ashley is impressed by the effort that Tricia and Marlon are making with Edith but his words hit home and guilt starts to get the better of the couple.


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Memorable dialogue

Betty Eagleton: "I know you're watching, Seth Armstrong, and I know everybody else is watching with you, so get this. I will never forgive you for what you've done to me." (picks up suitcase) "See this? This means I'm leaving you, right now. And as for the rest of you, this is the last edition of The Betty Show. I'd like to wish you all good afternoon, good evening and goodnight!"

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