Concerned about Zoe’s conspiracy talk, Ashley confides in Paddy about her bizarre claims. Chris is alarmed that his sister's mental state is in decline and becomes increasingly anxious when psychiatrists question whether the illness will be reversible. He soon has more important things to worry about, however, when Terry reveals that Zoe has discharged herself from the clinic! Chris starts to fear the worst when he discovers that Zoe is missing without a penny to her name and the hours are beginning to pass. Meanwhile, Marlon finally caves in and makes Tricia’s dream come true by allowing her to use some of his scratchcard win to join Bernice on the cruise! As they return from visiting Edith, Marlon and Tricia comment on how much they enjoyed the visit and decide to treat her on her forthcoming birthday! Taking advantage of her mum's keen interest in her modelling career, Donna insists that she is in desperate need of a new wardrobe to suit her new career and Viv is forced to oblige!


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