Chris hasn’t been able to sleep as the hunt for Zoe goes on through the night. His normally cool exterior begins to crack as they start to run out places to look and Chris is compelled to express his true fears for Zoe. Patiently, Charity listens as Chris opens up for their first time about the moment when Zoe knowingly shot their half-brother, Liam. Convinced that the guilt had caused a permanent rift between Zoe and himself, Chris confesses to Charity that he is to blame! Meanwhile, in an alleyway in nearby Hotten, a crumpled body lies undiscovered – ravaged by a storm. At Edith’s house Tricia and Marlon lay on a celebratory spread. Grateful for their kindness and generosity, Edith is taken by the couple and is keen to discuss the house. They are bowled over when she suggests a way to return their kindness! Hitting a brick wall at his career's advice meeting, Andy is frustrated by the bleak future that lies ahead. It is clear that the pressure of parenthood is already getting to him!


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