After two nights searching and still no sign of Zoe, Chris is tearing his hair out with worry. Terry confirms that police will start checking the hospitals but this does little to console Chris. Having slept rough in an alleyway for two nights, a dishevelled and disorientated Zoe arrives back at Mill Brook Cottage. Confused, she realises she has no keys to get in. As Zoe tries to climb in through a window, she is discovered by a stunned Seth. He is alarmed by her appearance and, aware that she has been missing, invites her in. Realising that Seth poses no threat, a cautious Zoe opens up to Seth about the conspiracy against her. Adult life is proving tough as cracks begin to appear in Andy’s confidence in facing parenthood. Having violently objected to an abortion, he realises there is no going back - but it is evident that doubts are starting to set in. Seth, still in the doghouse with Betty, tries desperate measures to bring her home and hands her all the fan mail from Betty-World. She sneaks a peek and is pleasantly surprised to see she has already had four marriage proposals!


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