It's the day after Father's Day and newly expectant father Andy begins to regret the consequences of his relationship with Katie. The reality of being a parent by this time next year begins to hit home, as he considers the bigger picture. He is too young for parenthood and he's beginning to wish they hadn't planned the pregnancy. Determined to overcome a series of knock backs, he plucks up the courage to ask Viv for a job. True to form, Viv isn't sympathetic and sends him packing with a flea in his ear! Her harsh put down is the last straw, as Andy realises the future looks bleak and he has some serious thinking to do! Jack has opened his eyes to impending fatherhood and this weighs heavily on his mind. Jack has also refused to help him find work and has, in effect, turned his back on his son. Seeing through Cain's scheming ways, Chloe warns her friend Latisha she's setting herself up for another fall. Cain Dingle is a manipulative charmer and Latisha is drawn in as he promises the answer to her debt problems. In the pub Tricia puts Mack on the spot. What has he arranged for Diane's birthday? "Nothing " is the reply, which prompts fun-loving Tricia to suggest a surprise party in Diane's honour. Paranoid Zoe lies to Ashley when he asks after her. Concerned for her state of mind, he queries where she's been staying. Fearing that he's in on the conspiracy to poison her, Zoe tells him she's been with friends. Ashley doesn't believe her but feels it best to drop the matter.


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