Desperate to make it up to Diane, Mack asks Alan if he can borrow the kitchen to cook her a meal. Alan agrees as it leaves the rest of the village free to organise Diane's surprise birthday party in The Woolpack! Avoiding Nicola's affections like the plague, Syd finds himself making excuses about his recent whereabouts! He doesn't want to give her any encouragement. To get her off his back, Syd invites Nicola round to the B&B for dinner, knowing full well they won't be alone. Mack and Diane are far from impressed, as uninvited guests gatecrash their romantic meal. They had hoped to have a serious talk, but the conversation becomes frosty as Syd tells tales of their old conquests. Diane is deeply hurt. As Scott and Chloe settle down for a romantic night in, he takes an urgent work call and tells her their romantic evening will have to be postponed! Rousing suspicions, Chloe questions the urgency of Scott's work commitments. He is forced to confess the work is not quite legal. Voting on the web is not looking good for Seth, as the public have obviously taken more of a shine to Betty and are voting against the couple being reunited. Faced with the consequences of the vote going against a reunion, Edna puts Plan B into action and she forces Seth out onto the street to canvas. Betty is enjoying the hype, and is done up to the nines as she awaits the result of the vote. The atmosphere is tense and Seth crosses his fingers, as Len prepares to reveal the results. In Café Hope the crowds gather as they avidly await the results. You could hear a pin drop, as the tension mounts. Will Seth and Betty get back together? The voting is close but which way will it go?


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