Filled with dread at the prospect of returning to work, Chloe and Scott arrive back in the village, exhausted from their weekend of clubbing. On arrival at the garage, Scott is annoyed to find Tony waiting with another hot car - angry that he wasn't informed about Scott's trip away! But Scott resents the hold Tony feels he has over him and questions their agreement! With Tony throwing his weight around, Scott has no choice but to take orders in the hope that Len won't notice the car ringing is still going on! As Marc arrives for work, he passes a flustered Scott rushing out to get a spare part for the car. Intrigued by his boss's behaviour, Marc can't resist taking a closer look at the car they are working on and is horrified to learn it is obviously stolen. Aware that being involved in car ringing would mean another stint in jail, Marc is terrified by the discovery and challenges a stunned Scott on his return. Mack faces the wrath of the villagers after keeping Diane away from her own party, but is secretly glad he was the only person to entertain the guest of honour and Syd is sheepish about revealing who was responsible for the shiner he is sporting! Charity gives a defiant Latisha a final warning to pay-up. With Cynthia's job on the line, Latisha is shocked that Cain's reassurances that the debt is paid are unfounded.


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