Scott is unnerved when Len and Marc fail to show up for work and he is sure that his scam has been rumbled when Angie arrives in full uniform. When Angie's only line of questioning is why Marc has quit his job, Scott realises he has had a lucky escape and it's time to quit while he still can. But his efforts to walk away from the sting are short-lived as Tony makes it abundantly clear that life will become very difficult if he backs out now. Shaken by the threats, Scott's torment is obvious as Chloe demands to know the truth. Furious at living on the fruits of his crime, she refuses to listen to his excuses. Fearing her mum's job is on the line, Latisha takes her frustration out on Cain. She begs him to help but, true to form, Cain refuses brusquely. As building work starts at the Reynolds', Angie is enjoying have a man around the house. Using the opportunity to get closer to Mack, Angie finds him a sympathetic ear when it comes to her son's probationary problems. Sam overhears Betty telling Lisa how many marriage proposals she has had over the Internet. He quickly realises that he too could find love on the net and persuades Danny to show him the ropes.


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