With the weight of the world on his shoulders, Scott is disheartened when Len refuses to come back to work on grounds of trust! Chloe is equally unforgiving and serves up an ultimatum - either Scott gets out of the car ringing, or she gets out of his life! But when Scott fails to return home, Chloe starts to think the worst and fears that Tony has followed through on his threat to hurt Scott if he tried to back out. Has she driven him too far? Sam busies himself at Café Hope and surfs the net for a soul-mate. Danny and Ollie are on-hand to play cupid, helping him sift through the lonely heart chat rooms! They finally find a locally based site to search for love, and even Sam is chuffed with his virtual description as they embellish his features in order to lure his catch! At the Vets Surgery, Zoe feels threatened as Rhona seamlessly fits into the practice. The strain and insecurity start to show when a client opts for Rhona over Zoe.


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