Desperate to escape Tony's car ringing racket, Chloe and Scott search for a way out. Knowing that going to the police isn't an option, they are forced to risk everything by coming clean to Ray in the hope that he may be forgiving in return for the time they saved his life. Ray is quietly furious but Scott and Chloe are relieved when he makes it clear that he holds Tony responsible and promises to make him pay. Zoe is plagued by her own insecurities as Paddy questions her ability to deal with an emergency call. Zoe is incensed by the implication and becomes increasingly paranoid that Paddy is trying to force her out. Sam becomes a regular visitor to Café Hope - but he isn't there for the food. He makes frequent checks on the computer in the hope of a reply to his lonely heart advert! He's all but given up hope when, on his last visit of the day, he is thrilled to discover he's got an e-mail! Cain is quick to rib his little brother about his search for a cyber girlfriend, but he is dumbfounded when Sam reveals he has a hot date the following night!


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