Having asked Ray to get Tony off his back, Scott is petrified as to how Tony may react! But when Ray drops another car off at the garage, Scott is shocked when he orders him not to look in the boot. Assuming the worst, Scott worries that Tony is back – in the form of a dead body! With impeccable timing, the police arrive on the garage forecourt and Scott and Chloe have some fast thinking to do in a desperate bid to explain Tony's disappearance. Will the police believe their story or is Scott about to find himself as an accomplice in Tony's murder? Zoe continues to feel increasingly pushed out at the vets when she discovers that Rhona has covered all of her shifts and to make matters worse, the voices in her head are drowning out her thoughts and she has overlooked Paddy’s birthday. She flees the birthday lunch in search of peace and finds herself drawn to the church. Ashley is surprised to find Zoe seeking sanctuary and quietly praying. Acutely aware of her problems, Ashley assures her that God is on her side and will help her through this difficult time but Zoe remains unconvinced. Louise is on the warpath and approaches Ray after getting word of the car ringing rumours. Despite being caught out, Ray remains cool and insists that there is no harm in dealing with a few cars! Louise is slightly alarmed by Ray's frank admission. Lisa is losing her patience as Sam continues to evade his date, Michelle, and ducks out of sight every time the phone rings.


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