Concerned by Zoe’s irrational behaviour despite her new found comfort in the church, Ashley calls on Zoe with a Biblical reading plan to help her through the difficult times. But the reading plan backfires and Zoe reads demonic quotes to Joseph as she helps him create a mask for his school play. Charity is horrified and is forced to drag Joseph out of harm's way. Zoe visits the surgery in a bid to talk herself into a positive state of mind, but the negative voices in her head are too powerful. In a fit of anger, Zoe rips up the appointment diary, targeting every entry that includes Rhona’s name. She then hits a new low and, in a bid to beat the demons in her head, seizes some tranquillisers from a shelf in the surgery. Taking a large dose, her body slumps and she collapses on to the desk. Having been tipped off by Chloe, Louise is inquisitive about Ray's criminal dealings. Prepared for the inevitable interrogation, Ray is calm and collected, cunningly putting her mind at rest. Turning the questioning round, Ray insists that if they are to stay together Louise must accept him warts and all. Unaware of what she is letting herself in for, Louise agrees to try. Trying to carry on as normal, Scott and Chloe go to work pretending nothing has happened but are secretly petrified by Ray's threats. Scott points out to Chloe that they didn’t actually see Tony’s body and have no hard proof that Ray killed Tony.


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