Paddy turns up for work at the surgery and angrily notices the drugs cabinet wide open! As he enters the reception area, he is stunned to find Zoe slumped on the desk. As she starts to come round, Zoe refuses to seek help from a doctor. Paddy is increasingly concerned but, on discovering the shredded diary, his concern turns to despair and he suspends her from the practice. She faces further accusations from Chris who challenges her about the drug taking. It's more than she can take and Zoe flees to the river. As the sound of children's voices echo painfully in her head, she sinks herself deeper and deeper into the icy cold water in a bid to drown out the torment. But it is all to no avail and she is forced to retreat back to the safety of the church. Blissfully unaware of Ray’s clever web of deceit, Louise is thrilled as Ray reminisces about having her all to himself on their holiday. Louise is blind to the fact that Ray is actually drawing her attention away from his criminal behaviour through flattery and pandering to her every need! Unable to dig themselves out of the hole, Scott and Chloe’s relationship wounds are becoming deeper. Already feeling like prisoners in their own home, Scott and Chloe are shaken to the core when the car they dumped for Ray reappears in the village!


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