Edna is alarmed when she arrives at the church to find Zoe engrossed in the bible, surrounded by torn out pages and lit candles. In a panic, she dashes to The Woolpack to report her discovery to Ashley, informing him that Zoe is vandalising the Holy Book. Ashley races to the church and is stunned to see that Edna wasn’t exaggerating. He talks calmly to Zoe in a desperate effort to try and reason with her in her hour of need. But when he fails to understand her claims that she is trying to decode a message from God, Zoe begins quoting manically from the bible. In a trance she is suddenly drawn to the children's Sunday school display but, as Ashley tries to hold her back, the display collapses and smashes amongst the candles. A fire erupts and the torn Bible pages and Edna's cleaning fluid combine to fuel a roaring column of fire which leaps towards the roof! Elsewhere, Marc sets about planning his future, determined to leave his electronic tagging days behind as soon as possible. Anxious to be rid of the car and Tony once and for all, Scott delivers it to a scrapyard and orders it to be crushed.


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