The locals come up with novel ideas to raise money to rebuild the church. Ashley organises a service in the village hall to reaffirm the congregation and prompt village unity. At Home Farm, wary of facing gossips and public reaction, Charity and Chris suffer from cabin fever. Aware that they can't hide forever, Chris and Charity brave village scrutiny to attend the church service. At the village hall there is a frosty reception, as the service is read in Zoe's honour. Struck by the words, Chris becomes emotional and the shock of recent events hits him. Charity discreetly comforts him, as Chris tries to fight back the tears. Angie is grateful to Mack for the work he has done at the Reynolds' house and invites him and Diane round for a meal. Mack gratefully accepts, although he later finds Diane can't go! Hoping that Mack would refuse to go without her, Diane is miffed when he accepts the dinner date. Little does Diane know, Angie is secretly pleased that she's busy! Lucy finds herself in a moral dilemma, as she admits to Donna that she knows where Katie is. With Andy tearing his hair out with worry, Donna puts the pressure on Lucy to reveal her whereabouts. Rhona notices Marlon is down in the dumps about Tricia's pro-longed holiday. Keen to spend some more time alone with Marlon, Rhona enthusiastically offers to keep him company. Marlon temporarily stops pining for Tricia, as he realises he and Rhona have a lot in common, more in fact than he appears to have with Tricia. The couple are in hysterics as they share a cosy evening in watching their favourite films. Latisha is a little too close for comfort for Cain now, having spent the night at the Dingles'. But his gentle persuasion to go home does not appear to be working! Peg meanwhile has become addicted to junk mail, answering every free gift offer that comes through the door. Zak is at the end of his tether as a home multi-gym arrives at their front door!


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