Zoe is pinning all her hopes on her appeal for release which is set for tomorrow, but it appears the doctors have serious concerns about her state of mind. Allowing her home isn't high on their agenda. Chris is frustrated as the doctor insists it is too early to diagnose Zoe's illness. He's close to breaking point and Charity tries to lend her support. The emotional highs are too much for Zoe when Ashley arrives. After all she's been through she's grateful to see a friendly face, and bursts into tears on his shoulder. Having spent a lot of time together, Marlon and Rhona have been getting on very well since her return to the village. Intrigued to hear more about Edith's house, Marlon offers to take her there. At the house, the couple are surprised by their similar tastes. Marlon shares a joke that Tricia's taste in interior design is a little far out! As they giggle it is clear there is still a spark between them. After a sleepless night Cain decides to put a stop to Latisha staying with them, as Kirk, as baby's often do, has been screaming non-stop all night! Cunningly insisting that his bedroom is unfit for a baby, Cain hopes that Latisha will get the message. But Lisa is quite taken with having another female around the house and suggests they move in to Belle's room. Cain's attempts to get a little space are thwarted, as Latisha gratefully accepts Lisa's offer.


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