Zoe is devastated when her appeal for release is refused. Sadly she is forced to accept that she is not capable of making decisions about her health. She refuses to give up without a fight, insisting the doctors have made a mistake. The realisation that she will not be leaving the hospital of her own free will hits home. Feeling imprisoned, Zoe desperately confides in Ashley that she is afraid to fall asleep for fear of what will happen around her. Zoe clings to Ashley for dear life, as she is desperate to hold on to a face that she knows and trusts. She is aware that things are out of her control, and begs Ashley not to desert her. The nurse almost has to prise them apart. As Ashley leaves the ward, Zoe's pleas echo down the hallway. He feels like he has abandoned a dear friend. Emotionally drained from the whole ordeal, Ashley calls upon his faith for guidance. Donna steps up the pressure on Lucy, insisting Andy has a right to know where Katie is. Lucy is torn, unwilling to break Katie's confidence but knowing Donna is right.


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