Maggie learns that she has been invited for an interview as the manager of Dale Park, but is irked to find she will be up against her arch rival, Nicola. Aware that Nicola might pip her to the post, Maggie flirtatiously asks Rodney for a reference too. Rodney rises to the bate offering any service he can. Working her girlish charms, Maggie sets about a plan to ensure her reference will be positively glowing. Robert is desperate to have his wicked way with Lucy, but he becomes increasingly frustrated, as she seems to be running hot and cold with him. Andy continues to suffer in silence, as he still hasn't had any word from Katie. Finally caving into pressure from Donna, Lucy approaches Andy and explains she has heard from Katie. Overwhelmed, Andy besieges Lucy with questions and is stunned when Lucy suggests that he find out for himself and hands him her address. Andy can't believe his luck, finally having a chance to put right where he went wrong. He sets off for Macclesfield, where Katie is staying with her mother. His hopes are promptly dashed, as Caroline refuses to let him see her daughter, insisting that Katie never wants to see him again. Frustrated at being so close to Katie but so far away from repairing their relationship, Andy insists he won't give up.


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