The Dingles dastardly plan to offload Peg onto Shadrach and Elvis moves into the final stages when Zak and Lisa fake her wake. As Shadrach and Elvis arrive, dressed for mourning, Zak delivers a flowery eulogy for Peg and Sam sheds some genuine tears. Lisa, laying it on thick, recalls Peg's dying wish was for her ashes to be scattered at the caravan. The Dingles' can't believe their luck when Elvis agrees to abide by Peg's final demand and they bundle the coffin into the back of their car. Little do they know as they set off with the coffin, that Peg is actually the living dead! Scott seems convinced he and Chloe have sorted out their relationship problems, but she is less convinced. Tension is high and it isn't long before they are bickering again. As Scott storms out, Chloe finds herself home alone. But Syd is soon on the scene and provides a shoulder to cry on. But he offers her more and they are soon sharing a kiss. Having faced up to the consequences of Maggie's affair with Rodney, Phil feels betrayed. Despite her attempts to get him to stay, he reveals he is leaving the village to be closer to Jess. They exchange a tearful goodbye, as they realise their relationship is truly over.

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