Chloe is emotionally troubled after her secret kiss with Syd. Although they have agreed to keep it quiet, it doesn’t make the guilt any easier. Desperate to compensate and ease her conscience, she prepares a romantic meal at home. But Scott returns in a less than sympathetic mood, rejects her gesture and storms out. Left high and dry again, Chloe resorts to drinking alone and by the time Syd arrives home, he finds her in a distraught state. Sensing her vulnerability he offers to give her some space, but Chloe is desperate for company and asks him to stay with her. His compassion soon turns to passion, however, and within moments the couple are racing upstairs and into bed! Much to Latisha’s disapproval, Lisa has invited Cynthia and Danny on a Dingles’ day out! Although Cynthia is anxious about their strained relationship she sees it as an opportunity to make amends with her daughter. Elvis and Shadrach get their own back after the fake wake, as they turn up at the Dingles. Convinced they are returning to ask him to take Peg in once again - Zak is horrified when they remind him Peg is dead, and they are only returning her ashes! Image conscious Eric, rounds up his recruits to tidy up the factory as they prepare for the Village in Bloom competition. Inspired by the hive of activity in his yard, Eric decides to flex his green fingers and plans a floral display, with the hope of some cheap publicity.


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