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The Dingles and Daggerts day temporarily grinds to a halt as the van breaks down in a neighbouring village. Latisha begrudgingly agrees to walk round the village with her family until the van is fixed. But as they shop, Latisha's sticky fingers get her in to trouble again and she covertly puts an expensive pair of sunglasses in Kirk’s pram. Suddenly aware of the prying eyes of the shopkeeper, she insists they leave the shop. Desperate to keep all the family happy, Cynthia offers to look after Kirk, presuming that Latisha wants to be with Cain. Latisha willingly abandons the pram, leaving it with Cynthia, who is blissfully unaware Kirk is harbouring unpaid-for goods! Latisha's actions have not gone amiss and the shop assistant moves in for the kill, catching Cynthia red handed! As the pram is searched, the sunglasses are found. Cynthia is horrified but unbelievably makes the ultimate sacrifice for her daughter and takes the rap! Seeking refuge from the day's events, the Dingle clan take up residence in the local pub and even an explosion outside can’t detract them from a quiet pint. Later at the bar, Zak is pleasantly surprised to discover that an old pal from his prize fighting days, Firecracker Foggin, is responsible for the blast. He reveals he had just blown up some cannabis plants on his allotment, to prevent the police from finding them. This breaks the ice with the Dingle clan and they insist on him coming to stay. But Lisa is blown away when Zak introduces his old pal – for he is an old flame. Eric is forced to get his green fingers mucky as there has been a huge delivery of plants for his village in bloom display and his usual Dingle workforce are nowhere to be seen.


Regular cast

Guest cast

  • Wally Foggin - James Quinn
  • Shop Assistant - Eilis Hetherington



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