Diane winds Syd up about the fight in The Woolpack, suggesting he might have better luck going after unattached women - like Angie. Oblivious to the extent of the trouble caused by his last encounter with the opposite sex, Syd takes Diane at her word and heads for the Reynolds household to lure his next victim. Mack is unimpressed when Syd turns up at The Woolpack, with Angie in tow and warns him to keep his mitts to himself. Syd is rattled by the intensity of his friend's demands. He is forced to make a silent exit from The Woolpack, leaving Diane suspicious that Mack has warned him off Angie. Chloe is nursing her wounds at Pear Tree Cottage and berates Syd for revealing their infidelity to Scott - asking if he intended to split them up. Showing no remorse, Syd relays his conversation about infidelity, insisting Scott said he would cheat on her. Chloe is furious but wonders whether he is lying to defend himself. When Scott returns from a night in a police cell, he has cooled off, but not enough to forget the accusation of the night before. He bitterly quizzes Chloe about how long the affair has been going on. As recriminations fly, the couple both reveal some home truths about their relationship. Chloe delivers the final blow, insisting she has wanted to leave him for some time. Scott is stunned when she finally acts on her words and walks out. Diane is keen to utilise Foggin’s expertise in explosives to aid the celebrations for the Village in Bloom. Readily accepting, Foggin suggests a Woolpack firework extravaganza. Diane is tickled as she knows it will get right up Viv’s nose.


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