Louise does her best to reassure Diane that she is jumping to conclusions when she confesses her worries that Mack fancies Angie. When Syd turns up at The Woolpack without his partner in crime, Diane quizzes him about the whereabouts of Mack. Syd cheekily explains that he's working on Angie's plumbing – fuelling Diane's fears. Letting her emotions get the better of her, Diane can take no more and decides to pay them a surprise visit. As she approaches the house, Diane is relieved to see Mack harmlessly working. Guilt ridden for doubting his intentions, she tries to sneak away unseen. But her sharp exit is spotted by Mack and Diane is forced to dream up a feeble excuse. Mack is furious and disbelieving, pointing out she has no right to interfere. Angie watches the exchange of words as Diane berates her stupidity for making things worse. The course of love is never smooth, but with Diane it seems permanently rocky. Louise is cautious about letting her head rule her heart when Ray tries to persuade her to move in. Having had her fingers burnt once before, she is torn. But when Ray gives her a little bit too much space to think about his proposal, Louise worries that he is losing interest. She finally bites the bullet and accepts his offer, leaving Ray ecstatic that he finally has Louise under his spell. Rhona and Marlon’s rapport is obvious as they eat dinner with Paddy and Emily. Paddy teases them about facing the wrath of Tricia on her return. It is an innocent remark made in jest, but Marlon is defensive and apprehensive about Tricia's return.


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