Tricia is back from her break - but Marlon is nowhere to be seen. Keen to get back behind the bar, she races to The Woolpack to share her experiences from her trip and sets about teaching Bob some of the exotic cocktails she has leant on her travels. Taking a deep breath, Rhona introduces herself to Tricia. As the penny drops, the bubbly barmaid realises who the newcomer is and wonders why Marlon has kept it quiet. The colour is quick to drain from Marlon's face when he discovers Tricia and Rhona deep in conversation. He soon finds himself summoned for a private chat and Tricia rips him apart for filling the village with his floozies in her absence. Tricia gives Marlon a stern grilling and he does himself no favours, tying himself in knots trying to talk his way out of the predicament. Zoe has made friends with another patient, Mel, but she soons gets a reality check when it dawns on her that Mel isn’t in the clinic voluntarily. Mel's situation makes Zoë realise that the possibility of being locked up for years against her own will is very real. Rodney makes renewed overtures towards Maggie, much to the disgust of Nicola who is horrified that her father seems to be acting distinctively lovesick.

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