In the clinic, Mel finds a scared Zoe huddled on her bed and asks her what's wrong. Unburdening herself, she opens up about her experience in the church, revealing that she thought God was talking to her. For a moment Zoe laughs but then breaks down, terrified by her realisation of how ill she really is. Meanwhile, Chris and Charity argue about whether Zoe should come home. Tricia is pleased to be home, but at the back of her mind she is worried about what Marlon has been up to in her absence. He does his best to ease her insecurities, assuring her she has nothing to worry about and that he and Rhona are just friends. Wanting to appear mature, Tricia invites Rhona to dinner. She is also irresistibly curious to meet Rhona and check out the competition on her own turf. Robert is still trying to live up to his brother's standards and get his wicked way with Lucy. Convinced the chocolates will do the trick, he is intent on bedding her, but it may take more than chocolates. Lucy is too upset about Maggie's relationship with Rodney to pay him mind, but Craig convinces her to make up with him. Syd pays Scott the money he owes him and convinces Scott to let him move back in. As Mack gives Diane flowers after their night together, Ollie hands him the check from Angie for services rendered.


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