Feeling vulnerable after their row, Tricia is subdued. Concerned, Marlon urges Tricia to believe there is nothing going in between him and Rhona. Somehow Tricia is still not convinced. Feeling humiliated, she reluctantly accepts that he is not having an affair, but the whole experience has left their relationship hollow. Spotting Tricia packing her luggage case, Alan jokingly asks her if she's off on holiday again. Fed up at always being the brunt of the jokes she realises no one seems to take her seriously. Sadly, her insecurities get the better of her and after a brief phone call to Bernice, Tricia decides to follow her friend's footsteps. Alarm bells ring as Terry tells Marlon that he has just spotted Tricia with bags packed. Overcome by a horrible strange sense of deja vu, Marlon realises this is what happened last time she got cold feet about their relationship. Trying to drum up as much moral support for Zoe as possible, Chris asks Paddy if he wants to go to the clinic with him. Declining, Paddy confesses his guilt that his failure to cope with her illness has caused irrevocable damage. Chris brings Joseph to the clinic to visit Zoe. Worried that Joseph might reject her in her mental state, Zoe braces herself for the worst but is extremely relieved when Joseph runs into her arms. Reunited, they share an emotional embrace. Gossip is still spreading like wildfire about Nicola and Robert sleeping together, Diane can’t condone the age gap, but notes that Robert is probably at least as emotionally mature as his seductress, Nicola.


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