Andy meets an anxious Katie and her mother at hospital. Looking at those around them, it suddenly dawns on them that they are by far the youngest couple there. As they wait for the scan, Katie's taken aback as Brian enters. She worries that he is taking one last chance to press for an abortion, but Brian assures her that, just like Andy, he is there to support her now. Rodney has set his sights on buying Bernice’s half of The Woolpack. But knowing that their marriage wasn’t the greatest of partnerships, Diane is not convinced it is a good idea. Already trying to make his mark, Rodney is intent on plenty of changes, even before he has signed on the dotted line. Even Mack finds himself in hot water as the men discuss structural changes that could be made. Diane is furious with both men for even contemplating changes without consulting her. As the final preparations to their moving-in party take place, Louise quizzes Ray as to why he hasn’t invited any of his business colleagues. Worried that he is embarrassed to be associated with her, Louise feels insecure. Ray admits that he is unwilling to mix business with pleasure, but will take her to one of his nightclubs. Louise is thrilled that he is willing to let her into a previously hidden aspect of his life.


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