At Mill Cottage, Louise and Ray's moving in party is in full swing. As the barbecue sizzles Charity flirts openly with Mack. Diane is treading very carefully around Mack, although he has promised to commit to her she puts barriers up, scared he will break her heart. Sensing her insecurity, Mack goes out of his way to express his genuine interest in sticking around. Diane can’t believe her ears when he suggests living together! Having doubts about Mack's desire to settle down, Diane is unsure whether it is too soon for him to move in. Diane has heard promises of change before and been let down, she makes a pre-emptive strike and ends the relationship, over-riding his protests. Mack is devastated. Ray has been acting like a wet blanket all day, embarrassing Louise who is trying to be the perfect host at Mill cottage. Trying to liven up the party, tipsy Louise suggests a game of rounders. Ray is not in the mood to plays games and grumbles at the prospect of having broken windows! Louise teases him for being a spoilsport. Ray is wounded as she inadvertently hits upon his insecurity. Having decided to come home, Katie settles back into life in Connelton View. Brian is delighted to have her trust once more. Robert is still brooding about his brief affair with Nicola. But hard-faced Nicola insists she's done him a favour in the long run and that he should be grateful to have learnt such a valuable lesson!


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