Diane visits hungover Louise, filling her in on the events from the evening before. Louise is shocked that she has finished things with Mack, wondering what he did to provoke it. Diane confesses that if she continues the relationship he may break her heart and she is not willing to set herself up for such a fall. Louise is confused by her friend's logic. Later in The Woolpack, Diane is uneasy as Mack enters and heads over to join Angie. As Angie tells lurid holiday stories, Diane is haunted by Mack's laughter. Rodney presents Diane with a draft partnership agreement for The Woolpack. Faced with the reality of their partnership in black and white, she begins to get cold feet. When Diane tells him what he can do with his new sign, Rodney is so shocked he drops the sign, which breaks at his feet. Louise tries to broach the subject of the party with Ray. Feeling a hypoglycaemic attack coming on, Ray is evasive. Convinced he is annoyed with her, Louise is horrified when she follows him into the kitchen to find him shaking as he opens a sugary drink. Assuming the worst, Louise panics and reaches for his insulin injections. This just angers Ray further as he berates her for knowing nothing about his illness. Louise is fuming at this comment insisting she is not pyschic! The couple have a heart to heart and Ray opens up to Louise about the illness. She is shocked to hear that his mother died from a complication of diabetes. His admission touches Louise, as she feels immense compassion for him, pleased they’re closer now she's learnt more about him.


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