The day after the engagement party, Tricia admits she can’t face getting out of bed to go to work. Looking out of the window she can see her mum's car, still parked outside the B&B. She is annoyed she has the bottle to stay around after yesterday's episodes. Being Steph’s dad, Alan is making an effort to smooth over the previous day's events. Marlon tiptoes around the subject as he asks Tricia if there is any chance of reconciliation with her mother. Tricia stands firm - it is out of the question. Later in The Woolpack, Steph calls in once again to see Tricia, greeting her warmly despite the frostiness she receives in return as she asks Diane to bar her. However, Steph does not back down, insisting that she has decided to stay for a while. Tricia is far from impressed. Joseph has decided to try a new tactic, claiming he cannot go to school as he has no uniform. As Terry heads off to investigate his claims, he is shocked to find them true, as Joseph has cut his uniform to shreds. Insisting his pocket money will pay for a new uniform, Charity reluctantly takes him shopping. But the rascal decides to give her the slip. As she searches the department store, Joseph is no where to be seen. Panicking, Charity is relieved to see Joseph with a security guard and explains she is his mother. Defiant Joseph claims she is not, but refuses to say anything else. The guard then asks Charity to provide Joseph's passport to prove her connection. She is furious when she is forced to comply. Having suffered from appendicitis, Betty and Edna have taken Laurel under their wing, and are regularly visiting her in the hospital. Worried that she will need care after she is discharged, Betty insists she come and live with her and Seth. Nicola attempts to make a half-hearted apology to Emily by offering to take her out for a driving lesson. However Emily stands firm politely refusing any help, upsetting Nicola who really has lost her only true friend.


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