True to form Eric has happily taken all the credit for Gloria’s heroic actions in trying to revive Harry Partridge from his deathbed, having suffered a heart attack. Latisha and Lisa give Eric a round of applause and Gloria reminds him that this is great publicity for the launch of his campaign. Glynis admits he is the talk of the Town Hall, once again his dirty tricks are working a treat. In the pub, Eric lets it slip that he is considering standing for the election which is a surprise to the regulars, as Harry has not long been dead. The regulars berate Eric for ‘ambulance chasing,’ but it does little to dissuade him from standing for election, as he launches into a Churchillian speech. Eric is left uneasy as Glynis takes things one step too far and tells him she is looking forward to repeating her intimate involvement in his life. Watch out Gloria, Glynis is back! Paddy is in hot water with a few of his patients at the surgery, as someone has changed the appointments around in the diary, upsetting his plans for the day. Presuming Nicola is to blame, he charges in full steam ahead and accuses her of making a mess of things. It later unfolds, that Rhona had changed the appointments. Paddy owes Nicola an apology. Emily also makes amends. Joseph is on cloud nine at the prospect of going to boarding school, much to the relief of Charity and Chris, who were at their wits end trying cope with his unusually bad behaviour. Desperate to make amends, Steph is keen to discuss wedding ideas with her daughter - Luckily for Steph the wedding is Tricia’s favourite topic of conversation, so they appear to be getting on again - at last.


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