Nicola knows the traditional methods of passing your driving test are always the best. She gives Emily a few handy pointers. However, Nicola's driving tips involve a bit of a makeover for Emily. Nicola proudly unveils Emily's new look, leaving everyone flabbergasted as she emerges dressed in a tiny skirt and a low zipped top with more than an eyeful on show. As Emily prepares to go out on her test, Bob decides to accompany her for moral support as he presumes failure is inevitable. Leaving the doubtful crowds behind, the test begins with Bob in tow on the back seat of the car. As the villagers wait with bated breath, they prepare their condolence speeches - at the ready to comfort Emily on failing her test. As the test car rolls up, Bob emerges in a state of shock as he announces she's passed. Overwhelmed by the good news Bob asks Emily to demonstrate but swiftly regrets his request as she runs over his foot. As Zoe’s mental health seems to be getting better by the day, the doctors tell Chris that she will be allowed home. But Zoe is apprehensive about returning so soon and leaving the safe haven of the clinic. Eric and Gloria plan their manifesto and policies ready to make an official announcement regarding Eric's plans to stand for Parliament.


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