Back at Home Farm, Zoe resolves to make up for lost time – she is determined to spend more time with Joseph and get back to work. Zoe braves an awkward reception as she visits Paddy at the Vets. As they talk business it is clear they are both nervous. Such a lot has happened, will things get back to normal? Village gossip Viv has to stick her oar in calling Zoe an arsonist, but Zoe handles herself well and despite the run in and is proud of herself about the day's events. On her day off, Louise has planned a romantic picnic with Ray. Tricia is not used to taking orders from Louise, but as she is now the proud owner of half the pub she is going to have to comply. It's tough at the top for Louise, as tantrum Tricia decides to throw a spanner in the works, telling Louise she has worked well over her weekly requirement and refuses to come to work, leaving Louise no option but to cancel her plans with Ray. Marlon, Tricia, Steph and Alan help Edith move back into her house. However, when they arrive, Mack tells them that there is a problem with the central heating and there is no way it can be fixed until Monday. But Edith is determined to move in, heating or no heating.


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