Still reeling from Ray’s proposal and the subsequent row, Louise feels that she should try and build some bridges. But Ray is in no mood for listening and makes it perfectly clear that he has taken Louise's words to heart. Diane serves up some words of wisdom to Louise, while Ashley tries the same tact with Ray. Their heart-to-hearts seem to do the trick and the couple finally sit down to talk through their problems – but will it mean wedding bells? Under pressure from Glynis, Eric begins to deceive Gloria and arranges a secret tryst. Their rendezvous is nearly rumbled but Rodney steps in to cover Eric's tracks. With Gloria closing in on him and Glynis playing hardball, it soon becomes apparent that Eric is caught between a rock and a hard place. Still mourning the death of Edith, Marlon and Tricia sort through her belongings at the cottage. But they are stunned to discover her will and their inclusion in it. Zoe continues to try to diagnose her problems and decides it is time to face up to the world. She takes the brave decision to join Chris and Charity for a drink in The Woolpack – refusing to be phased by the wagging tongues. Over at the Sugden's, Robert is planning a party with Donna’s full support. But Andy and Katie quickly discard the idea, deciding to spend some quality time together instead.


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