Diane, Louise and Laurel are busy making plans for the “School Disco” at The Woolpack to mark their partnership. Louise's excitement is dented, however, when Ray reveals that he may have to miss the bash to finish some work. But as locals don their shorts and miniskirts to make the party go with a bang, Ray's true plans become clear. He stops the party in its tracks by making a grand arrival to present Louise with a licensee sign embossed with names of Louise Appleton and Diane Blackstock. Glynis is still pursuing Eric with a vengeance and makes it clear she will do whatever it takes to make him see things her way – even blackmail. After talking things through with Rodney, he realises that he has no choice but to give in to her demands and suggests they meet the following day. Robert is busy rounding up guests for his party, but brother Andy has other things on his mind. He raises the issue of sex with Katie but she is troubled that it may harm their unborn child. Andy seeks the advice of Cynthia, but even her assurance that they will be safe isn’t enough to convince Katie. Despite his tender years, Andy shows is maturity and tells Katie he fully understands her reservations and is happy to wait.


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