Despite wanting to spend precious time together with Andy, Katie is under pressure to show her face at Robert’s party to prove that she is still young and capable of enjoying herself. Andy is on hand to make sure she is okay but soon begins to worry about Katie being bullied when Maria makes barbed comments about Katie being pregnant and drinking. The young couple finally decide that enough is enough and leave the party to spend the evening alone and look forward to life when the baby is born. Back at the party, Robert makes targets Maria and leads her upstairs. Zak is planning another poaching trip and asks Marlon to deliver a bag of ice for his return. But the delivery is bad news for Lisa who fails to spot it on the doorstep and comes a cropper – damaging her back. Fresh from the discovery of Edith’s will, her solicitor confirms that she has left most her belongings and the cottage to Marlon and Tricia. They are filled with a mixture of sadness and excitement as they make plans for both her funeral and their future in the house. With little choice but to deceive Gloria, Eric reluctantly goes to meet Glynis. Her plans haven’t changed and he is forced to give into her demands before guiltily returning to stress his love to Gloria.


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