Katie and Andy’s world is turned upside down when she becomes distressed and tells him that she thinks she is spotting blood. In a panic, Andy races to seek help from Cynthia. She is at work and it is Latisha who comes to their aid. She insists that they cannot wait for an ambulance to arrive and suggests it would be quicker if Cain drove them to the hospital. Doctors are on hand to see Katie quickly, but what news will they have on the baby? Marlon and Tricia start making plans to move into Edith’s house after the funeral, but they are stunned when Gloria accuses them of using the old lady just to get her cottage. Louise is keen to show her support, though, and tells Tricia that her and Marlon's intentions were good and they deserve some happiness. But the couple are then shattered when Mack delivers his bill for work on the house and they discover it far exceeds the estimate. Despite doubting they can ever raise the money, Marlon promises to pay. Lisa is in agony following her fall on the ice and Zak is forced to try and run things – as Lisa instructs him from the board she is lying on. Meanwhile, Gloria is convinced that Lisa is skiving and is sure that Zak is bluffing by asking for sick pay while she is ill. Ollie is thrilled to hear that Danny has been offered a job by Rodney and makes plans for how he can spend his money on her at the weekend.


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