After the miscarriage Katie is in a state of shock but has subconsciously suppressed her emotions and switched off her grief. But the pain is real for Andy as Jack finds him crying alone in his bedroom. After everything they’ve been through he feels helpless as he tearfully explains to his father he doesn’t know what to say to Katie. Having issued Marlon and Tricia with an outrageous bill for the building work at Edith’s house, Mack is beginning to throw his weight around. With the wedding looming, Marlon is concerned for his finances but is forced to admit he’ll pay up, even though it would leave him penniless and possibly wedding-less! Steph does her best to use her womanly charms to get Mack to back off, but he rebuffs her flirtation insisting he has a business to run! With Lisa feeling under the weather, Cynthia gives Zak foolproof instructions on re-heating a meal she’s prepared. He is offended that she is implying that he can’t cook. Doing as he’s told, Zak pops the stew in the oven and heads off to do some poaching. He later returns home to find Cynthia examining the remains of the meal that have been burnt to a cinder. Zak smugly offers to cook the fish he has caught instead, but Lisa insists he clean the oven first. As he is eager to prove he is a natural in the kitchen the women leave Zak to cook the fish. As the trout cooks away, they’re all puzzled as there is a terrible smell coming from the kitchen. On further investigation Cynthia retrieves the remains of a burnt scouring pad from the oven. As Zak's second attempt to feed the family follows the first - to the bin, sheepish Zak is forced to accept defeat and offers to go to the chippy. Surely he can’t mess that up, will it be third time lucky or will there be another ‘Dingled’ dinner?


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