Katie bravely decides she will go back to school, ignoring Brian’s pleas to stay at home and rest. Determined to get her life back on track, Katie struggles to put her miscarriage behind her but is grateful for the support she is receiving from fellow villagers. But when Andy hears that Katie has gone to school, he is furious with Brian for letting her go. Storming down to the school, she is horrified as he causes a scene in front of her friends, blurting out that she’s just had a miscarriage! Later, Andy tells Katie that he feels she is shutting him out and they can get over it together. She accuses him of being selfish and angrily tells him to give her some space. Steph and Tricia have been looking at wedding dresses, but Marlon puts a damper on things by telling her it’ll have be cheap, as they will be broke when they’ve paid off Mack! Fishing for an invite, Steph hints that she is ready to move out of the B&B. Tricia quickly dismisses any ideas of Steph moving in with them. Wanting to get on with his future mother in law, Marlon takes Steph aside and apologises. As they hug to make up, Steph’s embrace lingers a little too long for Marlon’s liking - What is she playing at? Seth has taken it upon himself to organise Edith’s funeral, Tricia is put out by his efforts as she felt close to Edith and is overwhelmed by a sense of responsibility for her. Lisa is feeling much better, but when Cynthia tells her that she is glad but she’ll miss hanging around at the Dingles’ place, Lisa decides that she could stretch her symptoms out for a few days, insisting Cynthia is a great home help!


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