With the church out of action after the fire, Ashley performs Edith’s funeral at the village hall. Tricia spots Elsie who later introduces herself as Edith's sister. Tricia and Marlon invite her to the pub for the wake. Seth begins to play the piano and Len sings along. Elsie is touched. She admits that she regrets falling out with Edith but is comforted by the support her friends have shown. After the wake, Tricia and Marlon stroll to their new house. They are alarmed to see the lights on. They look through the window and see Elsie. When Marlon asks her what she is doing there she insists it is her house. Marlon protests that Edith bequeathed the house to them, but Elsie says that it wasn’t Edith's house to give, ushers them out and slams the door. Marlon and Tricia are shocked. Zoe goes behind Chris’s back and arranges for Chris to visit the stables. Chris is annoyed and insists he's busy with Charity away. Despite Zoe's attempts to change his mind he refuses. She is annoyed and goes riding on her own. Zoe discovers her horse is unwell. She arrives at the vets for medical supplies. Paddy is worried, but Zoe explains that she is still officially a practicing vet. Chris admires Zoe's confidence in treating the horse. Zoe admits it made her feel normal again. Touched by her bravery, Chris offers to try to ride with her the following day. Andy is very worried by Katie’s behaviour as he finds her swigging cider with Robert. Having made himself clear that he doesn’t approve, Katie tells him to lighten up, pointing out that she can drink now that she isn’t pregnant. Hurt, Andy leaves.


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