Having consulted their solicitor, Marlon and Tricia are worried that they may lose the house. They both resolve to go and make Elsie see sense. They arrive and try to explain Edith’s plans for the house. Marlon attempts to remain optimistic about the house but his arguments are not convincing. Greg, the solicitor, tells them they could attempt to get the money back that they’ve spent by claiming to be contractors for Edith. However it looks as if they have lost and can’t pay Mack. Chris decides to try riding at Home Farm. He has invited an expert to join them, but Terry is scared. Chris is nervous but takes comfort in Zoe’s encouragement as she promises him her support. Brian and Jack discuss Andy and Katie. Brian tells Jack he is worried that Katie has been drinking and that he can’t get close to her. But Katie appears to be getting on with things, she is keen to function as normally as possible. In Café Hope, Viv is run off her feet and short staffed. Katie is keen to do some hours to help out, so Viv gives her a job. Eric attempts to call things off with Glynis, warning her about the wrath of Gloria. But she will not be dissuaded leaving him stumped and in a bit of a sticky situation!


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