Marlon and Tricia won’t give up the fight, when Mack comes for his money they refuse to pay up suggesting he get his money from Elsie. This seems to go down well until it backfires when Elsie pays her own visit and berates Marlon for sending Mack round to threaten her. Marlon suggests they just pay Mack the money, but he is talked out of it as Zak and Cain claim Mack is guilty of extortion. There's a near confrontation when Mack and Syd go to visit Marlon and Tricia, they are surprised to find a sitting room full of Dingles. Realising they are outnumbered, they back off. Marlon's unnerved again as Steph flirts with him. Not wanting to upset her he nervously brushes off her advances! Glynis is desperate to get her man and her desires are firmly set on Eric. She has lured him to a hotel and booked into a room. Despite his efforts to tell her the affairs off, Eric succumbs to Glynis’ charms and takes her up on her offer! Later Pollard is forced to find excuses for his tardiness, while Gloria is in the mood for love and suggests an early night to an already knackered Eric! Mack reckons Angie was flirting with him, but Syd brags he’d have more of a chance himself. As the Angie challenge becomes clear, the terrible twosome strike a bet to bed her! Who will be the lucky fella?


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