At a press conference, Eric gets an awful fright when he over hears Glynis telling Gloria all about the hotel where they did done the dirty. Having had enough of being Eric's bit on the side, she quietly threatens to make their affair public - leaving Eric trapped like a rabbit in the headlights. But that is not the only thing he has to worry about, a journalist is insistent on a demonstration of his life saving tactics. But Eric has no idea where to begin, as it was Gloria that gave Harry Partridge the kiss of life and they had lied for the publicity and things are not looking good. Mack and Syd stage a devious stunt to get their money back from Marlon for the building work they have done on Edith's house. They cut off the water in the hope that the drought might encourage the money to appear. But Marlon, who is not in a rush to part with his money, is suspicious of their motives and hangs fire. Thwarted, Mack is forced to put his thinking cap on - blackmail is on the cards. Having recovered from her appendicitis, Laurel tells Betty she is well enough to go home. Betty is protective over Laurel and tells her not to over do things. The truth of the matter is she is used to having her around the house and would be sad to see her leave. Betty and Seth talk about the positive impact Laurel has had on their lives. At tea, Betty hints at the spare room being available and tells of how she once had Bernice as a lodger. Laurel is thrilled to be asked and agrees. She'll stay and pay her way. Months of arguing come to an end when the results are in for the nude calendar. Top of the pops is Louise who scoops first prize. Vain Viv has been looking forward to the results all day but is horrified to realise that she has been beaten by Betty, getting fourteenth place.


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