Marlon is increasingly horrified about Steph's flirtatious motives. While Tricia is busy chatting to Louise she gives Marlon a squeeze, witnessed by Bob who notes Marlon's discomfort. Marlon and Alan discuss Tricia and Steph. Alan admits that he is pleased that they went to the wedding fair together. Marlon doesn't share his confidence. Still curious to find out what caused their rift, Marlon asks Tricia again the cause of her dispute with her mother. But Tricia fobs him off with a lame excuse and Marlon is convinced she is lying. Feeling guilty Tricia later feels it is time to come clean to Marlon, he has a right to know what his future mother in law did. Flabbergasted when he is told, Marlon's biggest fears have come true. Katie sees a "pram wanted" advertisement in the shop window. She suggests to Andy that they sell their pram. He reluctantly agrees but is concerned, as Katie is unsentimental as she heads off to arrange the sale. But the cracks are beginning to appear in Katie's cool exterior as until now she has avoided her feelings and kept her emotions bottled up. Zoe is still feeling off colour. Accompanying Ashley to Seth and Betty's cottage to discuss the plans for the calendar, she has a funny turn. As she collapses on the floor, Edna and Betty burst into chorus of bickering, questioning her mental state, insisting she is not fit to be in the community.


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