Having decided to sell the pram, Katie is busy cleaning it to make sure it is fit for the next mother and child. Andy is still worried by her numbness to the miscarriage. Later, as the kids play rounders, she notices Andy selling the pram and seeing him give away what was supposed to be a part of their life triggers her deep set grief. As Robert shouts at her for missing an easy catch, she is suddenly unable to control herself and breaks down, having suppressed all her emotions for so long. Andy sends the others away and speaks to Katie, who admits she doesn't know what to do with herself since the miscarriage. She is thankful that he is there for her and he is grateful he can finally console her. As Charity returns home she is extremely proud to see Zoe has taught Chris how to ride a horse. Sensing they need some time alone, Zoe dismounts and tells Charity to get on. As they go off for a ride around their estate Chris is happy to have conquered his fear. Later that evening, Chris and Charity suggest going out for a meal, Zoe declines their offer. But home alone she becomes aware of all the strange noises around her. Needing reassurance she calls Ashley asking him to come over. His arrival has a soothing effect on Zoe - it dawns on her this is the first time she has been alone since she became ill. Tricia feels like she taken the weight of her shoulders by admitting to Marlon that she fell out with her mother because she'd made advances on her previous boyfriends. Ignoring Bob's advice, Marlon is dumbfounded but refuses to tell Tricia about Steph's advances on him - it would break her heart. Taking matters into his own hands Marlon's takes Steph aside and asks her not to spoil the wedding. Having told her that history cannot repeat its self, he is worried by the glint in her eye as she promises no trouble. Later that day, as Tricia and her mother bury the hatchet they discuss honesty and its importance in successful relationships, Steph keeps her desires on her daughters man to herself.


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