Katie has decided to take a few days off school and wants to spend some time with Andy. Brian is relieved that she has decided to stay at home and gives them some money to treat themselves. As they take a romantic walk, they come across a wishing well and both make a wish. They discuss the lengths that they had gone to, to be together and the effect the baby would have had on them if it were born. Katie realises she was not ready for that kind of responsibility. They joke about running away together suggesting that might have been an easier option than what they've been through. But when Andy suggests they still should get married Katie realises that hes not joking when he gets down on one knee and proposes. Zoe is still anxious about being left on her own, but is relieved to have company as she helps Cynthia clean Home Farm but feels panic when she leaves. Overwhelmed by a strange feeling, Zoe confides in Chris that she fears she may be having a relapse. They immediately book an appointment for some tests. Steph approaches Marlon on the street but he tries to avoid her by going into the vets claiming he was going to see a man about a dog. Later, Alan enquires about the wedding plans and looks forward to it being a family occasion. Steph hugs Tricia and then Marlon, but lingers intentionally as she clings to him. A girl should be thrilled to receive flowers out of the blue, but when Louise receives flowers from a mystery sender, she is uneasy and tries to hide them from Ray.


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