It's the morning after Zoe's distressing turn and she arrives at the doctors fearing the worst. She is sick with nerves before she goes, and has packed an overnight bag as she is convinced she will be readmitted. After several tests the doctor asks Zoe back into his surgery on her own. Chris and Charity wait patiently outside as Zoe enters bracing herself for bad news. But nothing could prepare Zoe for the doctors diagnosis. She is beside herself with disbelief, claiming it to be impossible. Andy can't believe his luck that Katie has agreed to marry him. They decide to inform Jack and Brian of their wedding plans. Thrown by their revelation Jack and Brian are suspicious. But Brian points out to Jack that they are still together despite everything they've been through and are obviously in love. They give the couple their blessing but Brian warns Andy to look after his daughter. Marlon is under pressure to get the catering right. As Steph offers to lend a hand, he is cagey and rejects her offer. He makes a mess of the cake and takes his anger out on Steph who is hovering near by. As a row breaks out, clueless Tricia is quick to defend Steph leaving Marlon fuming that his future mother in law has been meddling again. Viv is still trying to secure her place as a model for the nude calendar. She cunningly tries to convince other models to drop out with no success. It looks like shes going to have to try a different tact. Following an anonymous delivery of flowers, Ray suggests to Louise that Syd might be the secret admirer and plants the suspicion in her mind.


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