Worried about the prospects of not being paid for the work they had done on Edith's cottage, Mack and Syd come up with an ingenious plan to get even with Marlon and Tricia. The cowboy builders pick the lock to The Woolpack and they find what they are after - the soon-to-be bride and groom's precious wedding cake. Marlon is horrified to realise the cake's been stolen, in its place is a plastic bride and groom with a ransom note from Mack demanding £7000. But when Marlon calls his bluff, Mack explains menacingly that the cake is only the start. Will the happy couple be forced to pay up, jeopardising their wedding? Elsewhere, things are hotting up in the village as the women prepare for the nude calendar photoshoot. But Steph can't resist turning the shoot to her advantage and teases Marlon by seductively telling him to make sure he doesn't see anything he shouldn't when she is posing. Viv looks set to be sidelined when her best efforts to talk Laurel out of the calendar fail. But when the photographer announces that she'll have to step in for Angie at the last minute, Viv looks set to get her moment of glory after all. Cynthia finds Lisa rummaging through the house for anything that might serve as a present as she struggles with Tricia and Marlon's expensive wedding list. But the answer could lie in some sticky back plastic and the pair eventually decide to make some replica scatter cushions. Sam finds a used pregnancy test kit at Home Farm, and the gossips are soon at work speculating that Charity must be pregnant. Meanwhile, Zoe nervously awaits the results of her test for HIV. Still unable to remember how she even became pregnant, her thoughts turn to an abortion.


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